About Us

STASUN is dedicated to researching and developing softwares, providing top-notch service for our customers.


(1) Building and maintaining websites

(2) Computer programming and maintenance of computer programs

(3) Computer programming and software design

(4) Computer software development in the field of mobile applications

(5) Design, maintenance, development and updating of computer software

(6) Maintenance of websites and hosting on-line web facilities for others

(7) Providing user authentication services using biometric hardware and software technology for

e-commerce transactions

(8) Electronic transmission of data and documents via computer terminals and electronic devices.

(9 ) Providing on-line chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among

users in the field of general interest

(10) Providing an on-line forum for companies to showcase, display, demonstrate and promote new

and innovative ideas, products and services in the convention or meeting management arena.

(12) Advertising and commercial information services, via the internet